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Physics - Fluid Mechanics Questions and Answer >>

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1. There is a hole of area A at the bottom of cylindrical vessel. Water is filled up to a height h and water flows out in t second. If water is filled to a height 4h, it will flow out in time equal to. [MP PMT 1997]

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2. Why the dam of water reservoir is thick at the bottom . [AFMC 2005]

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3. A cork is submerged in water by a spring attached to the bottom of a bowl. When the bowl is kept in an elevator moving with acceleration downwards, the length of spring

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4. A rectangular block is 5 cm × 5 cm × 10cm in size. The block is floating in water with 5 cm side vertical. If it floats with 10 cm side vertical, what change will occur in the level of water?

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5. The velocity of kerosene oil in a horizontal pipe is 5 m/s. If g =10 then the velocity head of oil will be

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