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Physics - Magnetic Effect of Current Questions and Answer >>

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1. If two streams of protons move parallel to each other in the same direction, then they . [MP PET 1999; AI]

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2. Two straight horizontal parallel wires are carrying the same current in the same direction, d is the distance between the wires. You are provided with a small freely suspended magnetic needle. At which of the following positions will the orientation of the needle be independent of the magnitude of the current in the wires. [NCERT 1983]

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3. The radius of curvature of the path of the charged particle in a uniform magnetic field is directly proportional to . [MNR 1995; UPSEA]

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4. A long solenoid carrying a current produces a magnetic field B along its axis. If the current is doubled and the number of turns per cm is halved, the new value of the magnetic field is . [CBSE PMT 2003]

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5. A length L of wire carries a steady current I. It is bent first to form a circular plane coil of one turn. The same length is now bent more sharply to give a double loop of smaller radius. The magnetic field at the centre caused by the same current is . [NCERT 1980; AII]

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