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Physics - Magnetic Effect of Current Questions and Answer >>

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1. A charged particle enters a magnetic field H with its initial velocity making an angle of with H. The path of the particle will be . [MP PET 1999; AI]

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2. A current I flows along the length of an infinitely long, straight and thin-walled pipe. Then. [IIT-JEE 1993]

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3. A positively charged particle moving due east enters a region of uniform magnetic field directed vertically upwards. The particle will. [CBSE PMT 1997]

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4. An electron is travelling horizontally towards east. A magnetic field in vertically downward direction exerts a force on the electron along. [EAMCET 1984]

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5. A charge + Q is moving upwards vertically. It enters a magnetic field directed to the north. The force on the charge will be towards. [MP PMT 1995; AM]

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