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physics objective Questions and Answers with explanation and solutions

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Physics - Electrostatics Questions and Answer >>

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1. A hollow metal sphere of radius 5 em is charged such that the potential on its surface is 10 V. The potential at a distance of 2 em from the centre of the sphere

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2. A sphere of radius r is placed concentrically inside a hollow sphere of radius R. The bigger and smaller spheres are given charges Q and q respectively and are insulated. The potential difference between the two .spheres depends on

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3. A metallic shell has a point charge 'q' kept inside its cavity. Which one of the following diagrams correctly represents the electric lines of forces

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4. The radius of a soap bubble whose potential is 16 Vis doubled. The new potential of the bubble will be

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5. Electric potential at equatorial point of a small dipole with dipole moment p (At r, distance from the dipole) is. [MP PMT 2001]

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